Bill Tenis – Owner

I am a independent multimedia producer and website designer originally from Austin, Texas. I have lived in Lawton, Oklahoma for over four decades, I have over 30 years experience in the recording studio business. I also have over 20 years experience in the multimedia production field. My true passion is being a musician, singer, songwriter, recording artist and studio engineer.

This is what I bring to the table for you and your business. My main goal is to serve Lawton, OK and the surrounding communities by providing an excellent resource for website design, SEO, web maintenance, audio production, digital editing and the multi-faceted components related to multimedia production. As a musician and music producer, I utilize the latest version of Pro Tools for recording, editing, mixing and mastering. My top notch recording studio is what sets Lawton Website Designs apart from my competition.

What We Do For You

We Discuss Your Goals and Vision

Every project begins with a face to face meeting. We serve the Lawton, Oklahoma and surrounding communities primarily with a focus on the small business owner. Your project, whether it is a new responsive website design, a custom audio production, multimedia content development or any of the additional services we offer, begins with articulating your goals and vision. We listen, take notes, ask and answer questions, then deliver. Your total satisfaction is our goal and objective.

We Plan Your Project Strategy

Planning is the key to a successful project. Great communication is the key to successful planning. We sit down with you face to face to discuss exactly what you wish to end up with. Few things are more disheartening than spending a lot of time and money only to end up with a project you are unhappy with. Meeting in person with you to lay out the objective, strategy and success plan is what we do best and is what separates us from other web design companies in Lawton.

We Design and Prototype Your Website

Our method for developing your custom website begins with building a prototype that contains placeholder text and images so you can see and get the feel of your new website before it actually goes into full production. This critical extra step in the initial design process requires a good deal of work on the front end of your project for us, but the payoff is knowing we were able to deliver precisely what you expected and more.

We Optimize, Manage and Host Your New Website

Once your beautiful, new Lawton Website Design is finalized and ready to go live, the ongoing process of optimizing for search engine visibility and ranking, managing content changes over the course of time and maintaining the integrity and functionality of your website actually begins. We contract every project with clear and concise language so you are able to see exactly what our mutual agreement and understanding is. We do precisely what we promise to do and we put it in writing.

Musicians, Singers and Songwriters

As a lifelong musician, singer and songwriter I’m very proud to incorporate my private Pro Tools Recording Studio as part of Lawton Website Designs. For all of you players out there, I’d like you to know that I operate one of the most sophisticated and well equipped studios in Lawton. I’ve produced over 40 full album projects from the ground up for local and regional artists, hundreds of high quality demos for songwriters and there isn’t much I can’t do with this incredible setup I have.

I am primarily set up as a precision overdub studio and most of the projects I do and have done were recorded, edited, mixed and mastered using this technique. I’m really good at editing so things don’t need to be perfect up front to end up that way. There is a rule I live by: Use Studio Magic When Necessary! Give me a call and let’s see what you’d like to do.

Thanks, Bill