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Multimedia production covers a host of design and development services.  We deliver superb audio content using professional musician and vocal talent. We offer custom A/V editing and we design media content for our custom website projects. We also offer SEO, hosting, maintenance and editing for websites.

We come to you

Our time-tested niche' market is the local small business owner in and around Lawton, Oklahoma, with a few more exceptions.  If you've ever had to deal with  a customer service or tech support representative based in another country you understand why we are popular with local small businesses. Communication and timely response are critical cost factors for business owners who don't happen to be on the Fortune 500 list.  Small business is the backbone and life blood of the American economy.  Lawton and the surrounding communities' small business owners are our primary focus and priority. A typical conversation with our local base of Lawton business owners, be it an e-mail, text message or phone call, goes something like this:  "Hey Bill, this is what I need and I need it in a few days."  We take pride in being able to say we know our clients on a first name basis and that relationship is reciprocated.  And, we deliver.

plan & design

Your new website generally begins with a sketch on a piece of paper.  You tell us what you need and want then we deliver.


Every project is unique with a separate set of guidelines based on your company needs. We implement your directives to spec.


Testing your new website across multiple browsers and platforms insures everything works the way it is designed to work.


When we say we deliver that is exactly what we mean. Your new website will look and function the way you envisioned it.

what do we do

The Internet and website design/performance has evolved so radically in such a short amount of time it is difficult to grasp the enormity of keeping pace with the changes.  Unless a business owner has an inordinate amount of spare time to investigate, learn  and implement these unending changes, falling by the wayside with a broken website is not that uncommon.  We handle things for you so you can focus on your main priority, namely running your business in a proficient, cost effective & profitable manner.  Call Us:  (580) 704-9178.  Ask for Bill!  

custom responsive website / mobile  design

Responsive website design is the latest technology that enables your new design to view properly across multiple devices from desktop computers, lap tops, tablets and mobile phones. With so many devices that are capable of accessing your website, it needs to view properly everywhere.

search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the ongoing process of keeping your website front and center on search engines such as Goggle, Bing, Yahoo and a host of others. Your website needs to be properly optimized to be found, especially on page one. 71% will never search past page one.  

website hosting, maintenance & editing

Once your website has been designed to your specification we offer hosting, maintenance, updates and editing.  Generally, you are able to e-mail, text or call with changes you need for your website content and we are able to turn it around within 48 hours or less. Some exceptions apply.

audio recording, editing & mastering

We are equipped with a state-of-the-art ProTools based recording studio. We produce superb audio content, perform editing and mastering and have musicians, vocalists, voice-over talent, arrangers, composers and more readily available to meet your needs. Call for details and limitations.

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